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Flyaway Kite

the whirled is spinning around us

Rayni Shadowsong
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adventurer; and this time i'm not just reading about it
bibliophile; megan whalen turner, j.m. barrie, jerry spinelli, cornelia funke
Christian; help us love mercy, do justly, and walk humbly with You
diction & grammar ninja; but only when it counts
editor; freelance and for fun
fiancée; loving philip, loving life
genre exclusivist; fantasy and sci fi are my home
human; trying to become a better and better person
intj; the mastermind personality type
japanese anime & manga fan; fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, vision of escaflowne
kitegirl; give me a blue sky and some wind, my feelings are tugged by the weather
loved; unspeakably blessed to have my family and friends
music admirer; switchfoot, jars of clay, contemporary Christian music and video game remixes
nerd; while i fix your computer i shall conjugate in anglo-saxon
odd-number obsessed; oh the beautiful symmetry of five
performance oriented; i wish i didn't correlate how well i do with what i'm worth
queen of everything; or at least the mug holding my gel pens says so
ricki; is my real name, rayni is my internet alias, and riley is my current character
sprite; full of joy and impish mischief
twenty-four; growing up is a process
university alumni; with a master's in time travel
video gamer; rpgs, tetris, and ddr, oh yes, but the snes was the golden age of gaming
writer; someday there will be books, but for now there's the night lands roleplay
xx chromosome owner; i am very strong and very fragile, a feminist and feminine
your friend; my audience, those I write for besides myself: thank you very much for reaching and connecting
zoetropist; hoping my pressed zest may create a gestalt zeitgeist

listen to my heart?