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update on Ricki
there's nothing for me to be scared of
uhhhh... hi guys! I guess a lot of things have changed since my last post! Is it time for one of those sparkly relationship changey things? I think it is!

Well, I missed the sparkles, but it's in red and that's what counts, right?

It turns out married life is pretty sweet. It's great to be together all the time. To be figuring out life together. To be learning about each other and ourselves. And living together is sweet. Philip and I don't have to hang out for awhile and then go home. It's pretty much the best thing ever. :D

I'm having fun decorating and organizing our place. Wedding gifts are sweet too—it seems like all our friends and family got us everything we needed except for a laundry hamper and a dish drying rack. (My parents gave us an extra drying rack, so that doesn't even count anymore, and I got a really great laundry hamper from Zellers in dark brown, which matches the bedroom.) Right now I'm just waiting for tomorrow night to move some furniture for storage in the living room, and after that everything will be organized enough to start having people over I guess :D

Cooking is fun too, even though I'm still very much a beginner in some ways. I'm great at the frying pan, and I have two of those—a giant wok and a little omelette pan, and I've made every meal with pretty much just the wok so far. I've been telling everyone that I'm a one trick pony—but it's a good trick. We've had stir fry, chicken fried rice, fried potatoes... xD Hellen (my new "mama") just told me how to make chicken stock with the leftovers of the deli cooked chicken we had one night. It smells amazing in the house right now. I'm excited to learn more skills :)

So yeah, there's your update on the life and times of Ricki... er... Siemens... :D I've yet to go through all the name change paperwork, but I've started to practice my new signature!

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If you find any good recipes you must share! I'm having a hard time finding thing to make when it's my turn to make supper. I'm glad married life is treating you well and I can't wait to see your new pad. Do you have a phone number yet? I'm going have to memorize it...oh man and Shelley's new one too. Ouch brain pain.

I think fried rice is always great. It's pretty simple to make. I always make it with leftover rice from another meal. Put some little carrot slices in a big frying pan with butter or cooking oil. (Sesame is best if you happen to have it around.) If you're going to use raw meat (chicken bits or beef stir fry bits) add that at the same time. When the carrots soften up a bit, add frozen peas, green onion, canned baby corn, and canned sliced water chestnuts. Let everything brown a bit, then add your rice. It's best with cold rice made at least a day before. Stir it all around to get the rice warmed up, then crack a couple of eggs in and stir that all around too. When the eggs are scrambled and cooked into the rice, thoroughly mix in a dash of soy sauce. Ta-da! It is delicious :D I serve it in the square Asian-esque bowls that I believe Kate gave me one birthday... but without the chopsticks.

Your turn! What recipe do you know that I should make? :)

Philip and I don't have new phones yet, but we probably will by next week! Stay tuned! :D Until then, my old cell number is what you can reach me at.

Oh I forgot. Of course if the meat you're adding is already cooked (cough leftover chicken ha ha), add it with the already-cooked rice.

Mmm, fried rice is delicious! You are a great cook, Ricki, I'm sure you'll take to it soon!

I hope the baking pans fit your oven and everything. I have baking pans that just barely squeeze into my oven. I contemplated them long and hard before deciding. I think we still have the gift receipt if they don't fit. :)

Oooh good question! I didn't try it out in the oven yet. Hmm it's smaller than the one my grandma got me though O_O I'll have to check!

You gave me the gift receipt! Which I totally appreciated!! Of the four muffin baking trays I received, at least I can take one back. ;D All the other pans were extremely welcome though! :)

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