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Why does it always feel like the laws exist to protect the criminals?
ed & al
Tonight, five Michaels employees (if including my off-duty plain-clothed self) watched a known shoplifter bypass the tills and take a whole cart of stuff straight out the door to her truck.

Watched. (I guess we can't all be Megan.)

We called the police with a description of her, her truck, and her license plate number. I guess it's that or lose your job. Don't you think we live in stupid times?

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1. Yes, a number of laws are structured such that acting morally is discouraged. However, you're already fully aware that society itself is, to an extent, structured this way as well. I find this situation as distasteful as you do.

2. There's no point in entering a confrontation unless you are prepared to see it through. There's no shame in that; it's good sense not to confront someone who may turn violent if you aren't prepared and/or capable of handling it.

Also, I see now the history behind your words when you mentioned to me how Megan is so caring...

Holy crap what time did this happen? Marisa and I were in there at around seven. I can't believe that but really what else are you going to do, it's not like the five girls they leave by themselves everynight are going to take her out.
I know it sucks big noogies.

Ah, ah! *covers ears* You can't tell me these things, I already have such a problem with rules and how stupid they often are. You should hear me rant about my graduate studies program and the stupid rules they are trying to make up, or just on cell phones. The world makes me SO ANGRY.

:( I really hope they can catch her from the license plates. Are there video cameras at Micheals?

Nope. Shoplifting is a huge problem at Michaels.

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