Flyaway Kite

the whirled is spinning around us

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today's choices
set sail through colors and pearls
hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujaaaaahhh...
Your love makes me sing
hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelu Yaaaahweh,
Your love makes me sing, sing, sing...

I wonder what changes, in becoming what I've become,
adult now,
no bones about it, married
and mired in economy now,
the wheels turning, cogs in the machine, Fortune's wheel crashing down.

still young enough to not believe it, to come back,
to smell the flowers of before and hold the stems in warm hands,
to hold onto the growth of that old world and stay there.

Wondering where the words have gone—weren't there so many before?
Weren't there a lot to choose from? Now the words hide
like a dim dusty library full of faded spines.

Wasn't this place bright and clean before?

Or are my glasses merely dirty?

I have made so many ghosts of habit,
worn grooves into time and space with my continual passing.
There are so few new days in life:
most follow a pattern of getting up at the same time and going to the same places and doing the same things and coming home to the same place to be with the same people

routine, routine, rote

O let me not become what I do
O let me yet be strong

to speak always the words that are true
"I miss you"
"I look forward to you"
"I care about you"

these flowers I will water, I promise that I will

and to the tree, rooted deep, let me always be the words

and to the wind I promise I WON'T stop listening
and to you my GOD MY GOD I promise
of course
that's all you can promise
but You'll have to help me mean it
of course
deeper every day
more real, not less.
Today the snow flits down to wet everything, make it dark and shining
but I stay inside the machine and wonder
where the lie is, and I'm pretty sure this is it:
this is not life

you don't have to be Thoreau to know that it is.

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awwww thanks Katie! You are always so kind. Mmmmm, I understand what you mean about poetry. I haven't read enough of it lately. :)

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