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the whirled is spinning around us

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This is THE day.
set sail through colors and pearls
The day that most of the leaves will fall off the trees. I'm sitting in a whirlwind of them. The sky is perfectly blue and the leaves are so yellow in the air and on the ground. I just spent part of afternoon with Shelley-may on Skype, swinging on the swings and hanging around the playground.

That's what I wrote yesterday and somehow never hit the post button. But the trees still have some bright yellow leaves on and I'm in a similar cascade of them today. The sky is perfectly, perfectly blue. Everything feels right in life on days like this, you know? Even though you don't have a job or much direction and there's other stress in your life and in the lives of those you love... listening to the voice of the wind rushing through the trees, you know there's so much more happiness to be found.

I hope that wherever you are, you make time to feel the wind. :)


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