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"goodnight my dinosaur huntress"
spring flowahs
Ricki: "Nope. When we're married and it's late, I will say, I am too tired for snuggling. Goodnight."
Philip: "But I will say, You can't sleep now! There are dinosaurs to hunt!"
Ricki: *PBBBBT!*
Philip: "And you'll reply,"—here he gets a gleam in his eye—"Dinosaurs, you say?"
Ricki: "WHAT."
Philip: "And I'll say, Just over yonder hill."
Ricki: "Uhhhh..."
Philip: "You'll say, Judging from the tracks, the dinosaurs passed through two days ago."
Ricki: "Um, no. I don't think that's what I would say. I think you got it wrong."
Philip: "Oh right. Three days past."
Ricki: O_O
*both crack up*

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You guys are disgustingly cute. :P

Erm, yes Kate. Cute. That was exactly how I was going to describe them. Yes... exactly how...

Dinosaurs, bringing couples together since 200 million years ago!

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